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Our new canning line (featuring Chuck Norris)

We’ve been planning for a new canning line in the brewery for a long time, so when a crane rolled in hauling eight tons of equipment this summer, we were all pretty stoked.   The new canning line is fully automated – and it is fast. Our previous canning line filled about 70 cans a minute. At full throttle, the new one can fill up to 200 per minute! Plus, …Read More

Summer Small Batch

Summer in Maine is heating up, but we’ve got plenty of one-of-a-kind cold ones for you! Paint My Masterpiece This juicy New England IPA is the third and final release of our “When I Paint my Masterpiece” series. Paint My Masterpiece was made using the Cyro Pop® hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops combined with Omega Yeast’s new Cosmic Punch™ yeast strain. Both the yeast and this hop blend work together using …Read More

Small Batch round-up

Our brewers continue to crank out a variety of innovative craft beers on our small batch pilot system. Here are a few of the latest…   Benzi Bock Doppelbocks have a dynamic range in color from pale to dark, and their alcohol level can be moderate to very high. Benzi Bock falls in the middle range for color, the lower range for ABV, and packs all the rich malty flavor …Read More

Sebago’s Pink Boots Society brew 2022…Chienne Folle!

Before Mickey Murphy joined our brewery team in 2021, she was the assistant brewer at Gneiss Brewing Company in Limerick. Now that she’s working on the “cold side” of things in our packaging department, she sees how a beer comes into being from start to finish.   Mickey is just one of the kick-ass women in the beer industry – and she’s part of the team behind this year’s Pink …Read More

Party in a box: new variety packs with Pressed For Time!

Our variety pack is now JUICIER with Pressed For Time Juicy IPA. Our brewers have perfected the hop blend we use in Pressed For Time to highlight the tangerine, tropical fruit, and citrus candy notes.   Pressed for Time is joining Frye’s Leap, Haze Forward, and Simmer Down in our variety packs. Throw in a wood-fired pizza and you’ve got an instant celebration!   Get your Sebago Brewing 12-pack with more variety at any Sebago …Read More

Gorham brewpub redesign

We’re renovating our Gorham brewpub! This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but building the brewery and then the pandemic pushed us off track a bit – but we’re back on it.   Renovations will include an expanded kitchen, new bathrooms, and bigger bar area. The outdoor patio will stay, with a new custom-built awning over the deck. The refreshed brewpub will also feature an expanded draft …Read More

Hell Awaits (2022)

  For the first time ever, our Imperial Porter is available in cans! Hell Awaits was first brewed at the old brewery more than a decade ago. This release commemorates our 666th batch on our current 40-barrel brewhouse.   Imperial porters are noted for their strength and bold flavors while still being balanced by the restrained use of dark malts separating them from the imperial stout style.   Brewed for …Read More

Streets of Rome

Our head brewer Rusty Packer loves hops and Italy and the Grateful Dead. Introducing…Streets of Rome!   An Italian-style pilsner, Streets of Rome references the Bob Dylan song “When I Paint my Masterpiece”: Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubble Ancient footprints are everywhere You can almost think that you’re seein’ double On a cold, dark night on the Spanish stairs   Before he became a brewer, Rusty …Read More

Whistle Punk

Since we first released Whistle Punk DIPA, it’s been one of our most popular beers. Whistle Punk is a West Coast Hoppy and Juicy Dry Hopped Double IPA. While it has similar hop notes to those in Back in the Day, it’s centrifuged for a crisp, hoppy flavor.   Peter Dahlen, director of brewery operations, tells us more about Whistle Punk’s hop history:   There weren’t many local DIPAs around when this beer …Read More

News from the owners about the Portland brewpub

Dear friends,   You may have already heard but we wanted to share some news directly. After much consideration, we’ve made the difficult decision to close our Portland brewpub. We are committed to the continued operation of all other Sebago locations and will use the resources from the sale of the building to invest in a range of improvements. This allows us to improve the employee and customer experiences at the other locations, while expanding …Read More

Barrel-aged Slick Nick

We’ve been brewing Slick Nick since 1998…and this year we put a special twist on the winter warmer.   Introducing…You Devil You, a version of Slick Nick that’s bigger, bolder, and more devilish than ever. Last November our brewers filled bourbon and rye whiskey barrels from New England Distilling with Slick Nick to age for this special release. The extended barrel aging makes this version of Slick Nick especially potent (10.3% …Read More

Replicator Error

Remember that time on Star Trek: The Next Generation when the starship Enterprise traveled to the Romulan Neutral Zone to help assist a sister ship but then when Captain Jean-Luc Picard tried to use the replicator to make his favorite drink (“Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”) it produced, instead, a potted plant?   Well, Erik White, die-hard Star Trek fan and Sebago Brewing Cellarperson, does. In fact, it’s the inspiration behind …Read More

Barleywine 2021

Some people greet the arrival of the cold months in Maine reluctantly. At Sebago Brewing, we welcome the wintry weather with…Barleywine. This year’s edition of the bourbon barrel-aged ale really packs a punch.   We asked Peter Dahlen, our Director of Brewery Operations, what sets this year’s Barleywine apart.   How is the 2021 version different from previous years?  Our Barleywine this year has notably more rich chocolate and bourbon …Read More

The return of Cherry Garcia

It was October 2018. There was a chill in the air you could feel in your bones. The brewers’ newest concoction smelled of cherries, vanilla, and bittersweet chocolate. They knew it was good, but this stout was…SCARY GOOD!   Scary Garcia is a seasonal fan favorite, and it’s baaack. For this pastry stout, the brewers used pastry-beer hybrid ingredients to keep it tasting more beer-flavored, rather than using whole pastry …Read More

Local Harvest Ale: 2021 Edition

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Every year for more than a decade, we look forward to the fall harvest…of hops.   Local Harvest Ale is an annual labor of love where the brewers use hops from The Hop Yard, which is (literally) right around the corner from the brewery in Gorham. Access to the freshest ingredients matters. Peter Dahlen, Director of Brewery Operations, compares it to another Maine tradition, strawberry picking:   “Using hops within …Read More