Beer Release News: Hop Swap American IPA - Sebago Brewing

Beer Release News: Hop Swap American IPA

Sebago Brewing Company’s Highly Anticipated 2014 Hop Swap Now Available in Four Packs

sebago_hop-swapGorham, Maine – July 18, 2014- Sebago Brewing Company announces the highly anticipated craft beer release of their annual experiment, Hop Swap. The 2014 batch is now available for the first time in bottles and four packs, as well as on draft at sebago brewpubs and throughout New England.


“After last year’s success we wanted to distribute more broadly,” says Sebago Brewing Company co-founder Kai Adams. “Hop Swap will be followed by our Local Harvest Ale and Full Throttle in four packs. All are part of a specialty, small batch series and are enjoying a freshly designed label and packaging.”


Sebago Brewing Company has been brewing Maine craft beer for sixteen years and continues to offer new, different, and consistently high quality beers with a twist. Hop Swap, as the name suggests, is different from year to year.


“Hop Swap is an American IPA that we brewed for the first time back in 2012,” Adams says. “Every year we get to experiment by working with the same recipe but swapping out the hop varieties. This gives us the ability to learn more about how the flavors and aromas interact with different hops. This year was special because we got to use one of the Hopsteiner experimental hops as well as Belma, which we had never used before.”


This year’s Hop Swap profile is lead by Amarillo and Citra hops, providing aromas and flavors of pineapple, citrus, and pine.


“This is definitely a fresh-drinking beer,” says Sebago Brewmaster Tom Abercrombie. “We’re hoping people take the opportunity to enjoy this beer soon as they get it. You want to enjoy the hop character we’ve captured while it’s fresh and at its best.”


Hop Swap can be enjoyed on draft at Sebago Brewing Company’s four brewpubs in Portland, Kennebunk, Gorham and Scarborough as well as at various craft beer bars and restaurants throughout New England. Hop Swap four packs will also be available at craft beer stores as well as Sebago brewpubs and the Brewery.


HOP SWAP Fact Sheet

Style: American IPA
History: First Brewed in 2012
ABV: 6.7 %
Aroma: Pineapple, Citrus, Pine
Pairings: Barbecue, Spicy Thai, Grilled Meats

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