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Bonfire Rye — the Quintessential Maine Autumn Beer (Available September 2)

Over the years, we’ve heard from customers, “I can’t stand spices in my beer.” We know the feeling. When fall comes around, there seems to be an excess of beer made with common autumn flavorings like pumpkin and cinnamon. While many of these flavors, such as apple and maple, are classic to Maine, we just don’t see the need for another beer that uses them.


Stoked with American hops, Bonfire Rye Ale is earthy and refreshing. This is a beer that can be enjoyed with friends on a cool night around a campfire, but that still holds its own on a warmer day in September as summer fades.


Bonfire Rye was the first beer to be released after Sebago’s rebrand in August 2013. The beer started out as a pilot brew by Sebago brewer Rusty Packer, with the intention of making it different from other fall seasonals, which are typically sweeter. To this end, Rusty incorporated hops and malt to bring out the essence of the Maine woods: pine and sage rooted in rich earth.


Featuring Simcoe, Columbus, Chinook and Citra hops, as well as six different malts — including two-row barley, English crystal and pale malts — and Weyermann German Rye, Bonfire Rye Ale is generously hoppy and perfect for a night on the patio or by the fire, or for after a hike. Bonfire’s alcohol by volume (ABV) is 5.7 percent, and it has 67 international bittering units (IBUs). Available on store shelves in six- and 12-pack cases, and on draft at your favorite watering hole, this beer can be found throughout New England all autumn long.


A Bonfire makes any night better.


Cheers to autumn in Maine!
-The Sebago Crew

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