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Brewery Staff

Tom Abercrombie

Tom Abercrombie



Tom’s Top 10: Bonfire Rye, family, wheels, fish, fresh tracks, tacos, analog, word play, grinds, heavy metal


Peter Dahlen

Peter Dahlen

Head Brewer


Peter’s Top 10: Bonfire Rye Ale, Star Wars quotes, baking then eating pies, peculiar tomato varieties, eggnog with my brothers, pickling, hotdog cuisine, goofing off with family, bucolic surroundings, outdoor feasting

John Clegg

Jon Clegg



Jon’s Top 10: My family, my health, ice cream, hiking, bicycles, campfires, reading, learning, cooking, Milestone Ale!

Rusty Packer

Rusty Packer



Rusty’s Top 10: Outkast, my daughter’s poo smelling like diacetyl, the first batch of Little Orphan Annie, Annabelle and my Baby Momma, tailgating, Weaver D’s fried pork chops, the need to label everything “farm to table”, boozy brunches, Aïoli (not A-O-LEE), Peanut Butter Puffins.

Kevin Robichaud



KEV-RO’s Top 10: Cask-conditioned Citra dry-hopped Frye’s Leap IPA (How’s THAT for specific?), spending time with my wife and kids, biking, running, and staying active, gardening, cooking, teaching my Great Dane about personal space, hiking and camping, Reggae, drinking good beer, jerk chicken



Stu Brydon



Stu’s Top 10: Spending time with my wife Sarah and our dog Cecil, exploring nature all year round, throwing people and being thrown (practicing Aikido), snowshoeing with my family, jelly beans, Lake Trout Stout, AC/DC, a splendid cup of coffee, riding my trusty pedal powered steed, cacti

Kevin Depot



Kevin’s Top 10: Local Harvest 2015, Family, My Dog Belle, BBQ, Bruins, Back to the Future, Bowery Boston, Rhode Island, Tandem Bakery, Ben’s cat Gracie.

Molly Wolkin



Molly’s top 10:
Bonfire Rye, singing, Taylor Swift, singing Taylor Swift, the Bad Blood music video, Tay’s boundless wisdom, the T-swift/Yeezus feud, 1989, Wonderland, dinosaurs.

Kara Obergfell

Packaging Manager


Kara’s Top 10:Frye’s Leap IPA, B, U, R, R, IT, OS, Worcester, Stella Dog, Dinosaurs

Erik White

Packaging Crew


Erik’s Top 10: Burritos, American Dad, hiking, Captain America, being the brewery DJ, Boston Celtics, Portland, my hometown of Boston, unexpected dance parties, Whistle Punk

Alex Upton

Packaging Crew


Alex’s Top 10: Whistlepunk, my amazing finace’ and our two cats, cooking, exploring and traveling and often as I can, family, a good cup of coffee, going to new breweries, Ben and Jerry’s, Hip Hop, Lambic and all things funky!

Yoda | Jedi Master

Spiritual Leader | Packaging Lead

Yoda’s Top 10: Kicking Dooku’s Ass, Dagobah, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”, “Judge me by my size, do you?”,”Already know that which you need.”, Fighting Sidious on Senate Floor, Riding in Luke’s backpack

Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis



Rachel’s Top 10: Star Wars, My pooch Chewbacca and my Puddin’, Music(long live Left Zeppelin), 1999-the beer, year and song, ♥️Maine♥️, Comic books (go DC + Darkstar!), Everything outdoors (ocean, snowboarding, hiking, camping, canoeing, etc), Arts and crafts, Traveling and exploring, Sweet treats, working on cars.