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Corporate Staff

Kai Adams

Kai Adams

VP & Co-founder

207-856-2537 x100

Kai’s Top 10: Frye’s Leap IPA, my daughters swimming in Sebago Lake or Casco Bay, fresh tracks with my wife, smoked meats, craft beer industry people, all things Star Wars|Slayer|Bob Marley|Fishbone, striper fishing with dark & stormy’s, seeing people realize their potential, inside words, our amazing staff, cancer survivors


Brad Monarch

Brad Monarch

President & Co-founder


Brad’s Top 10: Hanging out with Sarah and the family, visiting with my daughter and her family, Whistle Punk, socializing at the Pubs with staff and guests, hanging by the pool and grilling with friends, mowing the lawn (no, really), cars, vacations, Life (stop stressing already), and getting time to hang with Kai and Tim — after all these years we’re still laughing.

Tim Haines

Tim Haines

Treasurer & Co-founder

207-856-2537 x101

Tim’s Top 10: Milestone Imperial Red, my kids’ sports games, having a beer with friends (anywhere), Patriots/Bruins/Sox/Celtics, genuine people, driving a stick shift through the curves, Thanksgiving dinner, Led Zepplin, bonfires, sledding, a full moon



Brewery Administration & Logistics

207-856-2537 x102

Harv’s Top 10: Frye’s Leap IPA, the sound of my Harley, spending time with Mariann, the Red Sox, the Hokies, the Cowboys, spending time without Mariann, guitars, snake skin boots, watching TV late into the night, sleeping in, and breathing


Kacie Parker

Kacie Parker

Human Resources Manager


Kacie’s Top 10: My music library, books on tape, the greatest family and friends ever, 3 out of the 4 seasons, bargain shopping, quality drinks with quality humans, Dt. Mountain Dew, Singing, yummy food, being happy.

Tyrome Richard

Tyrome Richard

Floating Manager


Tyrome’s Top 10: Whistle Punk Double IPA, cooking, family time, the beach, live music, martial arts, dancing, bonfires, horror movies, road trips.

Amanda Kyajohnian

Administrative Coordinator


Amanda’s Top 10
Spending time with my daughter, drinking iced coffee year round, relaxing with a nice cold Simmer Down, boating & fishing on Long Lake, Target’s clearance section, a sense of humor, being delightfully sarcastic, Homeland (Quinn is my favorite), driving with the windows down on a warm day and American Sign Language.


Alexa Demsey

Retail Guru


Alexa’s Top 10:

My pitbull sidekick Summit, playing softball (which is what most washed up college athletes do these days haha), a great weekend on the lake, working out (I’m also an online health & fitness coach), grilled pizza, Sebago Simmer Down IPA or a gin & tonic enjoyed on a deck somewhere, classic white fall/Christmas decorations, cooking (but not cleaning up after), true crime podcasts/documentaries, and any happy hour with live music.