Meet The Crew: Allison Forrest – Service Manager - Sebago Brewing

Meet The Crew: Allison Forrest – Service Manager

Since we poured our first beer in 1998, we’ve been working to build a community of creative beer-lovers. Part of that stems from our commitment to our employees—The Sebago Brewing Company Crew. We’d love to introduce you to a few members of the crew so you can get to know the team that brews and serves our delicious Sebago beers.

AllisonMeet The Crew: Allison Forrest, Service Manager


Allison Forrest has been with Sebago Brewing for six years, starting as a server in our Portland Brewpub. She has since changed locations and moved into management, becoming Service Manager at Sebago Scarborough. We asked Allison to answer a few questions about her role at Sebago Brewing and here’s what she had to share.


What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is the work hard, play hard attitude. Our core values state that we value a healthy balance between work, play, and life. Those are not just meaningless words, that is truly how our company operates. It’s obviously very important to run an efficient and successful business, but we also recognize that happy employees are productive employees. That means that there is a whole lot of dancing & singing in our kitchens, plenty of playful banter amongst staff, and time off to enjoy our lives outside of the pubs. This attitude comes straight from the top – our owners work harder and play harder than anyone!

What does “Brewed For Times Like These” mean to you?

To me, brewed for times like these means that we make beer to celebrate. That could be a birthday, a graduation, or even just the end of a particularly hard day. Whatever you have going on, there is a Sebago beer to celebrate it!

Anything else to share with our fans?

I think our staff would say I can be tough on them at times, but also that I bend over backward in order to make their schedules work. They also know that the easiest way to make me smile is by bringing me candy!


Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more stories from other members of the Sebago Brewing Crew soon! Think that Sebago Brewing Company might be the right fit for you? Check out current openings and fill out a job application here.