Meet The Crew: Joseph Howard - Sebago Brewing

Meet The Crew: Joseph Howard

Since we poured our first beer in 1998, we’ve been working to build a community of creative beer-lovers. Part of that stems from our immense commitment to our employees—The Sebago Brewing Company Crew. We’d love to introduce you to a few members of the crew so you can get to know the team that brews and serves our delicious Sebago beers.

Meet The Crew: Joseph Howard, Bar Manager, Sebago Brewing Company, Kennebunk


Joseph Howard, part of the Sebago Brewing Company crew


Joseph Howard started at Sebago Brewing Company in March 2010 with the opening of our Kennebunk location. He’s been a dishwasher, prep cook, and line cook, and has been Bar Manager in Kennebunk since November of 2015. We asked Joseph to answer a few questions about his role in the Sebago Brewing community and here’s what he had to share.


What is your favorite part of your job here?
My favorite part of the job is the continuously evolving puzzle of running a restaurant. It’s like a Sudoku or crossword that changes its answer every single day. You have to keep so many pieces spinning and pointing in the right direction all at the same time that there’s never a dull moment. That and I love answering people’s questions about beer and the brewing process, the way a guest’s face lights up when they find a kindred spirit that loves and appreciates craft beer as much as they do is immensely rewarding.

What does “Brewed For Times Like These” mean to you?
Brewed For Times Like These is, to me, the very foundation of beer culture and diversity of the craft. It doesn’t just mean “it’s always a good time for a beer,” (even though it is!) it’s showing you that you can use a well-made and well-applied craft brew to amplify the enjoyment of just about any activity, year round. Whether it’s beating the heat of our all-too brief Maine summers with a crisp and refreshing Simmer Down or warming your bones by the fire after a long day of shoveling a billion feet of snow with a Slick Nick, “Brewed For Times Like These” is always an applicable slogan.

What is your favorite Sebago beer?
Hop Swap, hands down. I love that it reflects our ever growing and advancing industry and community by showcasing the best and most interesting hops we’ve experimented with all year long, all rolled up in one glorious, shiny green 4-pack!

Anything else to share?
I’ve been with Sebago Brewing Company for over seven years now and watching this business grow and evolve, and seeing the same things happen to me, has been an absolute delight. I’m looking forward to all of our future projects (check out our upcoming brewery expansion!), and everything else Maine and the craft beer community has to offer. We live in exciting times, and this industry is at the heart of it. Hope to see you at one of our pubs or the brewery, we’d love to share our pride and passion with you! Cheers!

Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more stories from other members of the Sebago Brewing Crew soon! Think that Sebago Brewing Company might be the right fit for you? Check out current openings and fill out a job application here. 

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