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Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker

Bar Manager


Andrew’s Top 10: Kayaking on tidal rivers, Biking in the woods, Craft Beer and Cocktails, Excessive amounts of caffeine, Spending time with my niece and nephew (pictured with me here on our trip to
Ireland), Painting with Watercolors, The Great Blue Heron that lives in Kennebunk River, King Crimson, That tingling sensation I get when I contemplate that every particle in my body was forged in the crucible of the sun and how eons of evolution have brought our species to the point that I am able to reflect on the fact that I am comprised of star dust, Taco Tuesdays.

Benito Senence

Kitchen Manager

Benito’s Top 10: Pittsburgh Steelers, my children, Star Wars, Marvel Movies, Chicken Adobo, Pizza, Red Sox, Board Games, Springtime, & Reading

Craig Hall

General Manager


Craig’s top 10: Slick Nick (should be brewed all year!), Boyz II Men & Jay-Z, cookouts, basketball, the great state of MD, my staff (yes, all of them), the ladies in my life, good friends, sleeping in, and a good party