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Sales Staff

Gary Colburn

Sales Director

(805) 358-1185

Gary’s Top 10:

Sophie LeBlanc

Key Accounts


Sophie’s Top 10: Hop Swap, live music, first tracks on perfect corduroy, stating my opinion, finishing a tough workout, laughing with best friends, waking up naturally after a full night of sleep, sunset boat rides, sushi, my loud & crazy family

Seth Hasty

Sales Representative Mid-Coast, Mountains and Central Maine


Seth’s Top 10:
Running, Darty SZN & Whistle Punk, T-Swift, pop-punk, mowing the lawn, the Boston Celtics, kale smoothies, tattoos, early mornings, & epic WWE matches with Abe.

PJ LaJeunesse

Sales Representative for New Hampshire & Vermont

(603) 801-3037

PJ’s top 10:
Simmer Down Summer Ale, Alaska, epic vocal harmonies over soaring guitar riffs, tailgating at Patriot games, smoked & cured meats, the funkiest cheese I can find, showing my couch the love and appreciation it justly deserves, traveling back roads, witty banter, and close proximity to any body of water.