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Sales Staff

Gary Colburn

Gary Colburn

Sales Director

(805) 358-1185

Gary’s Top 10: Beer, Friends, BBQ , Beach, Boating/ Fishing, Traveling to Europe, Hawaii, Charcuterie, Boston Sports Teams and the Stock Market.

sophie leblanc

Sophie LeBlanc

Key Accounts

Sophie’s Top 10: Hop Swap, live music, first tracks on perfect corduroy, stating my opinion, finishing a tough workout, laughing with best friends, waking up naturally after a full night of sleep, sunset boat rides, sushi, my loud & crazy family

Steve Shulkosky

Southern Maine Sales

Steve’s Top 10: Hop Swap, hiking with my wife and my dog Moose, going up to camp, brewery visits with Moose, food, skiing, mowing the lawn (don’t judge me, it’s therapeutic), campfires with friends and family, traveling with my wife, coffee!