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Scarborough Brewpub

Scarborough Staff

Mike McElroy

Bar Manager


Mike Zubik

Mike Zubik

General Manager / Director of Training & Menu Development


Mike’s Top 10: My wife and daughter, food & cooking, the ocean, chacos, friends & family, Royal Tar, the smell of gasoline, DIY, feeding people, real ramen.

Allison Forrest

Allison Forrest

Service Manager


Allison’s Top 10: Being Auntie, Candy, football season, pajamas,  chick lit., pedicures, traveling, baking, I’m *GASP* not a beer drinker (EDITOR’S NOTE: I know, I know. She’s still a Keeper)


Rudy Vivar

Rudy Vivar

Kitchen Manager


Rudy’s Top 10: 

I Love Music, playing music and going to see live music.
I love to eat! I’ve always had a huge passion for food.
Lazy days on the beach, followed by a night by a fire. Drinking Frye’s Leap’s IPA.
My wonderful wife Erin.
Boston Sports and Playing Golf.
I am super fortunate to be part of such a large, loving supporting family.