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Scarborough Brewpub

Scarborough Staff

Michael McKelroy

Bar Manager


Mike Zubik

Mike Zubik

General Manager / Director of Training & Menu Development


Mike’s Top 10: My wife and dog, my fire pit, Chacos, friends and families, Full Throttle DIPA, the smell of gasoline, DIY, feeding people, Ramen (the real stuff!), good eaten’ and livin’!

Allison Forrest

Allison Forrest

Service Manager


Allison’s Top 10: Being Auntie, Candy, football season, pajamas,  chick lit., pedicures, traveling, baking, I’m *GASP* not a beer drinker (EDITOR’S NOTE: I know, I know. She’s still a Keeper)


Rudy Vivar

Rudy Vivar

Kitchen Manager


Rudy’s Top 10: 

I Love Music, playing music and going to see live music.
I love to eat! I’ve always had a huge passion for food.
Lazy days on the beach, followed by a night by a fire. Drinking Frye’s Leap’s IPA.
My wonderful girlfriend Erin Cyr.
Boston Sports and Playing Golf.
I am super fortunate to be part of such a large, loving supporting family.