Simmer Down Summer Ale (Available through Labor Day) - Sebago Brewing

Simmer Down Summer Ale (Available through Labor Day)

About three years ago, Sebago brewer Rusty Packer had a thought. He had a growing interest in the emerging “session” IPA-style beer, and wanted to make a version that was both drinkable and really unique. Sebago was discontinuing its Hefeweizen and was looking to replace it with a beer packed with hops (but was still light and refreshing).


Rusty’s curiosity led him to El Dorado hops – a style of hops the brewery hadn’t ever used – and an unusual opportunity to buy a large quantity of them.


“What was fun for me was that we had this pressure to come up with a new beer, but we didn’t yet have thousands of pounds of hops lined up,” brewmaster Tom Abercrombie said. “We took a chance and the result was very pleasing. It was an unexpected opportunity at the perfect time.”


Simmer Down is dry and thirst quenching with tropical notes, which is unlike any of Sebago’s other beers.


“Simmer Down is a twenty-first century beer,” beer blogger Dave Patterson wrote in 2014, “Kai Adams and co. brewed this beer with three hops that have all been developed and patented during the aroma hop boom of the last 15 years…”


Big and juicy – Simmer Down is your ultimate summer beer. This beer is made for days on the lake, hikes to the summit, and all-day backyard barbecues. And with a low ABV (4.9%), Simmer Down is refreshing and manageable. As soon as you crack open a can, hold it to your nose, breathe in the glorious fruit aroma, and let the good times roll.


Cheers to a beautiful Maine summer!

-The Sebago Crew