Tasting Room

Tasting Room Staff

Matt St.Hilaire

Matt St. Hilaire

General Manager


Matt’s Top 10: My daughter Lucy and being the best I can for her, My sun roof wide open, golf with my dad, beating Tiff Caron at anything, being fast (just try and keep up with me), clean and neat organization, Double IPA, singing in my car with the music cranked, sitting comfortably on our patio next to the fire pit watching the sunset with a Sebago Brew in hand.

Katie Tripp

FOH Manager


Katie’s Top 10: My kids and husband, any kind of travel, walks on trails, New England sports, going to concerts, happy hours, a good IPA (Frye’s Leap) or vodka concoction, jamming out to a good 90’s playlist, tacos, and family time!

Tiff Caron

Tiff Caron

Events & Tours Manager


Tiff’s Top 10: Dad jokes, Sugarloaf, The Golden Girls, Goin’ for a drive, popcorn, Bog So Hard, growing things, happy hours, dogs (especially Bella) and making lists

Kevin Monroe

Kevin Monroe

Kitchen Manager