That Next Great Hop — Limited Release Single Hop Pale Ale Series — Idaho 7

At the brewery and the brewpubs, we know that part of getting through Maine winters is keeping things fun and new. Like the joy of discovering fresh powder for a Saturday ski, as brewers, we’re always searching for that next hop — that great new aroma and hop complexity — to experience something new and unique. Idaho 7 hop is one of those hops.


Little is known about Idaho 7. It was an experimental hop grown in southwestern Idaho by Jackson Hop Farm, and now it is new to the scene and available to us. What we do know about this new hop is that it has wonderful tropical-fruit characteristics, with aromas of ripe papaya and marmalade. We are excited about the outcome of Idaho 7 in the latest addition to our Single Hop Pale Ale Series. These beers give us a chance to experiment with new hop varietals in their purest form.


In the new world of craft beer, people are drinking as much with their nose as they are with their palate. We added all of the Idaho 7 hops into the kettle late so we could really showcase the aroma and let the hops shine through. Idaho 7 will play a large part in our 2016 Hop Swap, but for the time being, enjoy this hop in a limited release of our Single Hop Pale Ale (5.6%; 74.1 IBU). Come in and grab a pint or fill a growler this week in the brewpubs, and be sure to share your experience on Untappd.

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