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Back in the Day

Originally brewed to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, Back in the Day was first called Pack in the Day, in honor of the packaging team that created it. Rachel Ellis, Alex Upton, and Erik White came up with the recipe for the hazy New England-style DIPA that’s all the rage – but with special Sebago touches.


BITD features one of the team’s favorite hops (Mosaic) and Golden Promise malt (Erik’s personal favorite). The beer is double-dry hopped with no bittering hops added, which gives it an approachable sweetness without any bitterness. (And for a beer with an ABV of more than 8%, there’s barely a taste of alcohol.)


Here’s what Alex said it was like to make this hazy, hoppy beast:

“This is the packaging team’s first beer. We didn’t have a chance to experiment at the old brewery because of the set-up, but when we moved to the new brewery, the pilot system gave us the opportunity. We sat down together with the brewers and created the recipe, then spit-balled different names. This beer is a big departure from what we ordinarily do. It’s exciting for us to have people to try it!”

Back in the Day is a flavor bomb of pineapple and orange that starts with its phenomenal aroma and doesn’t quit until the citrus-y sweet finish. You can see why everyone who tries Back in the Day loves it.


BITD is the first Sebago small batch beer to be canned, in a departure from our traditional can styles. With the beer-creators on the canning line, this Fresh Fill Friday promises to be a unique release.  So wear your finest retro gear, get down to some old-school jamz, and join us for Back in the Day.


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