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Sebago Brewing Footed Ale
Dry Hopped Wheat Ale


Our Hopfenweisse is a twist on the traditional Bavarian hefeweizen. It uses the same classic Bavarian yeast strain and similar wheat and barley, but we’ve increased the amount of hops in the brewhouse and dry hopped it to create hop aromas that we know and love. The combination of hefeweizen yeast character and hop aroma coming from the Ahtanum and Cascade is just right for both hop and hefe lovers.

  • ABV
  • IBU
  • Appearance

    • Pale
    • Golden
    • Hazy
  • Flavor

    • Citrus Peel
    • Juicy Fruit Gum
  • Aroma

    • Clove
    • Orange Creamsicle
  • Mouthfeel

    • Soft
    • Smooth
    • Subtle Hop Prickle
  • Barley

    • Maine Pale Malt
    • Maine Raw Wheat
    • Maine Red Wheat Malt
    • Maine White Wheat Malt
  • Hops

    • Ahtanum
    • Cascade
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