Sebago Brewing Footed Ale
Barrel-Aged Quadrupel

Landed in Brussels

Landed in Brussels is a Belgian-style Quadrupel aged for 10 months in port and bourbon barrels and is the second release of our “When I Paint my Masterpiece” series. This bold ale is the creation of brewer Alex Upton who has been looking forward to making a beer in this style for a long time:

When I was first getting into craft beer the traditional Trappist styles (Quad, Tripel, Dubbel) were some of my favorites. The Belgian yeast and candy sugar gives a complex flavor and smooth finish. A couple of breweries had a big influence in the creation of Landed in Brussels. De Struise Brewery in Belgian is famous for their spiced Quad known as Pannepot or Old Fishermans Ale. About once a year a Grand Reserva version is released aged in red wine barrels, and it is absolutely to die for. The other brewery I got inspiration from was JW Lees brewery in England. They make a very traditional English barley wine which gets aged in several different barrels (Sherry, Port, Bourbon, Scotch, Rum ect). I had the port barrel aged version a few years ago and knew I really wanted to someday make a port barrel aged beer.

  • ABV
  • IBU
  • Appearance

    • Dark Ruby
  • Flavor

    • Dark Fruit
    • Red Berry
    • Brown Sugar
    • Spiced Bourbon
  • Aroma

    • Plum / Fig / Raisin
    • Red Berry
    • Bourbon & Port
  • Mouthfeel

    • Smooth & Dry
    • Sneaky
    • Woody
  • Barley

    • American 2-Row Malt
    • Maine Pilsner Malt
    • Belgian Aromatic Malt
    • Belgian Pale Malt
    • Belgian Pilsner Malt
    • Belgian Special B Malt
  • Hops

    • Hallertau Blanc
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