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Sebago Brewing Footed Ale
Dry Hopped Mixed Fermentation

Mixed Emotions

This blend has been aged in pinot noir barrels with a mixture of both yeasts and Brettanomyces strains to create a tart tropical ale with a hint of funk. After its extended barrel aging it was dry hopped with El Dorado and Cascade further accenting the tropical fruitiness.

Question: How do we fell about a 2-year-old barreled aged beer after giving it a fresh dose of IPA dry hops?

Answer: We have mixed emotions.

  • ABV
  • IBU
  • Appearance

    • Straw
    • Pale Gold
  • Flavor

    • Mixed Fruit
    • Almost Tart
    • Fully Complex
  • Aroma

    • Tropical
    • Touch of Funk
  • Mouthfeel

    • Emotional
    • Very Emotional
  • Barley

    • Golden Promise Pale Malt
    • Caramalt
    • Rolled Oats
    • Flaked Wheat
    • Wheat Malt
    • Munich Malt
  • Hops

    • Cascade
    • El Dorado
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