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Sebago Brewing Footed Ale
European-Style Blonde Ale

Stay On Target

Stay On Target is an easy to enjoy blonde ale rooted in the classic European style using traditional French ale yeast, English hops, and Maine malt. We’ve chosen Target as the hop to use exclusively in this brew which is where the name comes from. There’s no real significant connection between Star Wars and this beer, but us brewers can’t resist a chance to throw in a SW quote when it presents itself.

  • ABV
  • IBU
  • Appearance

    • Rusty Blond
  • Flavor

    • Cereal
    • Subtle Sweet Malt
    • Herbal
  • Aroma

    • Clean
    • Honey Cereal
    • Slightly Herbal
  • Mouthfeel

    • Clean / Smooth
    • Hop Tickle
  • Barley

    • American Pale Malt
    • Maine Pale Malt
    • Maine White Wheat Malt
    • French Caramel Vienna Malt
  • Hops

    • English Target
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