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Bog So Hard

Last year when we were celebrating our 20th anniversary in business, we released a special beer to mark the occasion. Bog So Hard was the 2,000th batch to be brewed on our original production system at our old location (down the road from our current HQ).


We got such a great response (and our brewers had so much fun making it) that we’re offering it again. We brewed with 1,400 pounds of cranberries from Ricker Hill Orchards in Turner, Maine. Then we aged the beer in pinot noir and gin barrels for more than six months.


This year’s batch is much more pink than last year because we sourced the cranberries earlier in the season. The result is a barrel-aged cranberry sour that’s tart, dry, and delicious.



Bog So Hard is available at all four brewpubs and the Tasting Room.


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