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District New England Master Brewers make “Any IPA”

How do brewers raise money? They get together and make beer!


Our own Jon Clegg is the president of the District New England group of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. MBAA was formed in 1887 to promote and improve “the professional interest of brew and malt house production and technical personnel.” Today Master Brewers has more than 4,000 members in 25 different districts from more than 50 countries!


One of the ways MBAA members help to advance brewing industries is by providing educational opportunities for beginner brewers. District NE puts on a brew festival to generate scholarship funds for our scholarships to brew school. The give out a two-week scholarship (each one costs more than $4,000) to two people who want to get into the brewing business, or want to take their technique to the next level.


For the first time ever, Sebago Brewing and fellow District NE members are collaborating on a small batch brew. Vendors Blue Ox Malthouse, Brewery Supply Group (BSG), and yeast supplier White Labs donated supplies, and brewers from Rising Tide, Allagash, and Northwoods Brewing Co. brewed on our 5BBL pilot system.


The result is “Any IPA,” a hazy New England-style IPA with big hop aromas, the perfect style for District NE.


Here’s what Jon said about the collaboration:

This is a first for our district, and I’m really excited! I’ve wanted to do this for many years, and what I’m hoping for is a different brew every year at a different location.

Unlike a lot of other industries, there’s competition, but it’s competition within ourselves to better ourselves. That’s what we’re about – educating and sharing knowledge. “United we brew” is one of our slogans, because we all do it for the love of beer!

A limited amount of Any IPA will be available at the Tasting Room. Come try it for yourself! And check out our brewboard for all the small batch, guest beers, and Sebago favorites on tap.



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