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Fall Small Batch

After some sweet summer collabs On A Boat and getting rustic, our brewers have been busy getting small batch beers of the season ready to drink. (Don’t worry, no pumpkin spice here.)


Tired Legs comes from brewer Kevin Robichaud who created the American IPA to celebrate his one-year anniversary of completing all 67 New England 4,000-feet (and greater) summits. Appropriately, all the hops, malt and yeast were sourced from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.


Flip Flops & Flannels is a single hop pale that we brewed last year with a visiting friend from Sierra Nevada. This year’s batch is hopped exclusively with Motueka hops. The Norwegian yeast also contributes to fruity esters by being fermented at close to 100 degrees — about 30 degrees warmer than most of our other beers.


So Long and Thanks for All the Mash is a traditional English-style pale ale made with a special batch of malt from Briess Malting Co. We used “Last Call Malt,” the final batch from the company’s now-decommissioned malthouse. The beer’s name is a nod to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book series by Douglas Adams — an Englishman — but the sentiment is sincere.


See what else we’re pouring at the Tasting Room in Gorham…and look out for Local Harvest, our favorite fall beer coming out soon!


Sebago Brewing Company