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What’s both cloudy and light? The answer, friends, is Hefeweizen and we just brewed 40 barrels of it!


Hefeweizen is a German beer (pronounced HAY-fuh-vites-in if you want to get technical). “Hefe” means yeast, which gives the beer its cloudy appearance, and “weizen” refers to wheat. Typically, Hefeweizen has a low-hop character and with phenolic (clove) and fruity (banana) aromas and flavors.


This isn’t the first time we’ve brewed Hefeweizen, of course. We used to bottle it in the warm summer months, back in the day. For our current version, our brewers used a different wheat strain that has a stronger flavor of clove than banana.


What our brewers love about this year’s batch is that, for the first time, they used exclusively Maine-grown malt. (H/t to our friends at Maine Malt House in Mapleton.)


Brewer Kevin Robichaud:

“We got super sacks blended of Maine Malt House’s white malted wheat and red flaked wheat – for a 40 BBL batch, that means 50 1,100-pound bags! We added a bag of their pilsner malt at the end.”

Hefeweizen is a light-bodied, refreshing beer that’s perfect for sunny days. Wondering what to pair with a pint? The brightness of this beer begs for seafood, salads, or seafood salad. It’s on tap at all 5 locations, including the Tasting Room.


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