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Meet the Packaging Crew

Without the Sebago Brewing Company Packaging Crew, we wouldn’t have Back in the Day – and you wouldn’t have delicious Sebago beer!


Packaging Manager Kara Obergfell says that packaging is the last line of defense in the process of beer making:


“It’s not a simple process. You need to be alert and aware of so many different variables. The care of this beer happens from beginning to end.”

Rachel Ellis (who is also responsible for shipping and receiving) thinks that people might be surprise to know how much math is involved in the beer canning process, how technical it is. In fact, Rachel’s favorite part of the job is troubleshooting problems when they arise…which can be often in a brewery. She says that you learn to read every visual cue, and even noise, on the canning line; the smallest “tink” can turn into a major concern.


Alex Upton and Erik White deliver Sebago beer to stores and our brewpubs. Alex points out that while packaging may not be very glamorous, it’s critical for putting out the best product. Erik agrees:


“It’s not as sexy as brewing but it’s just as important as the brewers themselves. If we don’t stop a bad beer from going out the door, it makes a difference.”


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