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Mo’ Yeah – Fruity Brut IPA

It was just last year that the Brut IPA hit the scene, thanks to Kim Sturdavant, Brewmaster at Social Kitchen & Brewery in San Francisco. His goal was to make the driest, lightest IPA possible, hence the name “brut” like a dry champagne.


The secret is to add amyloglucosidase (a common enzyme) to help the yeast to consume more of the sugars during fermentation, usually used in a high-gravity beer, aka one that brewers intend to have a high alcohol content (think triple IPAs and imperial stouts). What Sturdavant did was use the enzyme in an already dry style and using standard ale yeast, ferment the beer down so that there are no residual sugars and thus comes out super dry.


Mo’ Yeah is our second foray into Brut IPA territory. This year it features lots of delicious fruit: blood orange, raspberry, and blackberry. Though our Brut IPA is fruit forward, the fruit flavors do not overwhelm the beer. Mo’ Yeah maintains a hoppy aroma and flavor, without the bitterness, and, of course, it’s hella dry.


Oh yeah, are you wondering about the name? With all that fruity deliciousness, here’s a hint:


Mo’ Yeah will be available this summer at all Sebago Brewing locations.


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