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No Comply – a collab from the heart

In the summer of 2019, our brewers partnered with longtime Sebago Brewing friend Mike Norton, a.k.a. “The Heavy Metal Cripple,” to create an old school West Coast IPA to help raise money for the documentary “Brothers.” The film is about Mike and his late brother J.T. and their journey of bond and loss. (Brothers is available to rent on demand.)


Mike Norton and friends visit the brewery in spring 2019

We originally released No Comply at a fundraiser screening at the brewery. Mike Norton passed away in the summer of 2020. We decided to reboot No Comply with a new can in honor of Mike.


No Comply is one of our highest hopped beers ever, but it uses the original West Coast type of hops that started to push the hoppy beer styles to where they are now. (Think Russian River’s Pliny the Elder or Maine Beer Company’s Lunch or Dinner IPAs.)


Please enjoy this collab from the heart. It’s available at all Sebago locations on draft and in 16oz cans and growlers to go. 4-packs are also available at Hannaford and other stores.











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