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Replicator Error

Remember that time on Star Trek: The Next Generation when the starship Enterprise traveled to the Romulan Neutral Zone to help assist a sister ship but then when Captain Jean-Luc Picard tried to use the replicator to make his favorite drink (“Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”) it produced, instead, a potted plant?


Well, Erik White, die-hard Star Trek fan and Sebago Brewing Cellarperson, does. In fact, it’s the inspiration behind Erik’s newest small batch creation Replicator Error.


Erik describes it as a straightforward Saison – made with French Saison yeast, Noble hops, and low IBUs, a.k.a. not many bittering compounds – but brewed with four pounds of Earl Grey tea. The Saison style complements the Earl Grey tea well, so that the Bergamot flavor and aroma from the tea leaves become the stars of the beer.


Erik has been part of Sebago’s packaging team since 2016 and now he’s officially a brewer! We know that Erik has lots more creative small batch beers up his sleeve, and we can’t wait until he makes it so.


Replicator Error is available at the Tasting Room in Gorham while provisions last.


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