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Saddleback Ale Sebago Brewing

Saddleback Ale canned for the first time!

Saddleback Ale has been a fan favorite since we started brewing beer back in 1998! The lager was originally called Portside Pilsner until it was renamed Northern Light Ale when we started bottling it. We re-renamed it “Saddleback Ale,” what most people know it by, and we’re releasing it in a can for the first time ever.


The timing is perfect to celebrate the reopening of Saddleback Mountain in Rangeley after a five-year hiatus.


This all-malt crisp beer is light and so drinkable. Our brewers evolved the Saddleback recipe to use more Maine-produced malt and a portion of Maine grown Cascade hops.


Saddleback Ale is available at all SBC locations in 16oz 4-packs, on draft, and growlers to go. (4-packs also available at Hannaford and other stores.)


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