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Fell & Found: Rustic session ale


Our brewers like to have some fun. Their latest small batch is a rustic session ale made with Vollkombrot (aka rye bread) and cascara (dried coffee fruit skins).


Fell & Found is the brainchild of former brewer Kevin Depot. The process involves a traditional technique that incorporates leftover bread into the mash – in this case, traditional German brown rye – which gives it bready aromas while increasing the body and fermentability of the beer. After the boil, the wort was steeped with cascara, giving the rustic session ale its distinctive ruby color and herbal characteristics.



This distinctive brew was 100% local collaboration too! Scratch Baking Co. provided the vollkornbrot from its bakery in South Portland, and Coffee By Design sourced the cascara from their partner farms in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.


The components in Fell & Found were as painstakingly prepared as the beer itself. The Vollkornbrot was made with all Maine ingredients, baked slow and long at a low temperature. The cascara was rinsed with spring water before de-pulping, then washed again and shade dried until it had just 8% moisture.


This beer was crafted to be filled with nuanced flavors like berry, Rainier cherry, and Sauvignon Blanc, and unique floral and herbal tea aromas. Brewed with Cascade, Hallertau Blanc, Tettnang hops, it has a quenching mouthfeel.


Fell & Found is available on draft (and in howlers and growlers) at the Tasting Room in Gorham and the Portland, Scarborough, and Kennebunk brewpubs.


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