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Small Batch round-up

Our brewers continue to crank out a variety of innovative craft beers on our small batch pilot system. Here are a few of the latest…


Benzi Bock
Doppelbocks have a dynamic range in color from pale to dark, and their alcohol level can be moderate to very high. Benzi Bock falls in the middle range for color, the lower range for ABV, and packs all the rich malty flavor and toasty aromas associated with this German classic style.


Benzi Bock was designed by SBC Brewers Erik White and Alex Upton to honor the late rapper MF DOOM. It’s been almost two years since he passed away but DOOM lives on here at the brewery — just ask our Spotify account or look for the flag hanging from the brewery mezzanine.


Casablanca Dreamin’
Casablanca Dreamin’ is a collab with our friends from Crosby Hops. This West Coast IPA features Centennial, Idaho7, Meridian, and Crosby Estate grown Comet hops. It was brewed with Golden Promise and old school kettle hopping additions, followed by two rounds of dry hopping with the same cast of hops.


Its name is a nod to the West Coast (California Dreamin’ by the Mamas & the Papas) and Portland’s legendary Casablanca party boat, which has hosted events for both Sebago Brewing and Crosby Hops over the years.


BoddingTims Pub Ale
This nitro English-style pub ale is packaging manager Tim Bissell’s take on the Manchester, England classic Boddingtons Pub Ale. A moderately amped-up English-style bitter, BoddingTims Pub Ale was designed to showcase the delicate balance between sweet and bitter that defines English-style ales. A range of lightly toasted British malts build the body and provide a honey-like sweetness, while the restrained addition of American hops bring just enough herbal bitterness to refresh the palate. This highly quaffable ale was brewed for Tims like these!


These small batch beers are currently available at the Tasting Room. Click here to see what else we’re pouring.


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