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Welcome to Revel Coast!

After more than a year of testing and perfecting recipes, we are proud to present our newest beverages…Revel Coast, spirited Maine cocktails!

There are four delicious canned cocktails:

  • Blueberry Lemon – Maine blueberries paired with vodka and a squeeze of lemon – a New England staple
  • Agave Lime – Our version of the classic margarita, made with agave spirits, lime, and natural flavors
  • Grapefruit – The crisp and refreshing balance of vodka and real ruby red grapefruit
  • Tropical – “Adulting” fruit punch – vodka, real passion fruit, pineapple, tangerine, and cherry

We make Revel Coast cocktails with pure Sebago Lake water, distilled spirits, and real fruit. Our cocktails are always gluten free, and there’s no added sugar. They’re easy to drink, never too sweet, and no malty aftertaste!

We talked to head brewer Rusty Packer to find out more.

Why canned cocktails?

Our brewpubs have sold cocktails for years and as the demand for these options for canned drinks has increased, we felt confident that we could make a product that would match the high level of our craft beers.

What was it like to make something beyond beer?

As brewers we are always excited to use new ingredients and flavors. Revel Coast allowed us to try different techniques, combinations, and amounts of peels, juices, and pulps to find the best ways to bring in the best flavors from the different fruits. It was a fun challenge.

Why not add sugar?

We like the refreshing feel that comes with the 4.5% carbonated cocktail that has limited sweetness. Having the alcohol and sweetness on the lower end keeps these drinks light and refreshing — just about 100 calories in a can — and using real fruit creates bold flavors without becoming too heavy or malty. We aren’t adding sugar because we don’t need it; we can get the drink to its sweet spot with the right amount of fruit.

How did you choose these four flavors?

They fit right in with having a good time. We got feedback from retailers, distributors, and individuals about flavor combos to make sure they matched what we were interested in producing, but ultimately we picked these flavors because we like them. And we had taste trials with the guests in our brewpubs, and they agreed.

Revel Coast 8-packs — two cans of each flavor — are now available at all four Sebago Brewing locations and select stores. And this summer, they’ll be available in Hannaford supermarkets throughout Maine.

Grab a pack of Revel Coast and celebrate — wherever your Maine adventure takes you…


Sebago Brewing Company