July 2019 - Sebago Brewing

July 2019

Summer Session 2019: On A Boat

This summer’s best and biggest beer festival is right by the ocean. So what better beer to serve than a light, crisp ale called On a Boat?   For this year’s Maine Brewers’ Guild Summer Session, we collaborated with our good friends at Crosby Hop Farm to create a Kolsch-style beer with a special hop. On a Boat features a new public hop variety called Triumph, which was selected from …Read More

Bog So Hard

Last year when we were celebrating our 20th anniversary in business, we released a special beer to mark the occasion. Bog So Hard was the 2,000th batch to be brewed on our original production system at our old location (down the road from our current HQ).   We got such a great response (and our brewers had so much fun making it) that we’re offering it again. We brewed with …Read More

TGIFFF: Yellow on Friday edition

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For as long as we can remember, Brad Monarch (Sebago Brewing’s co-founder, president and resident fashion plate) has worn a yellow shirt on Friday. Hence the name of this delicious classic pilsner: Yellow on Friday. We brewed the golden lager with delicate pilsner malts and balanced it with heavy-handed whirlpool additions of German hops. We lagered it super cold for over a month, rendering a crisp, clean and dry beer …Read More