Local hops for harvest season

Our annual Local Harvest Ale is here! This year we used Centennial hops from The Hop Yard. The seventh-generation family farm is down the road apiece from the Brewery in Gorham.   Our brewers used the wet hop technique (aka “cryo-whacking”), which involves freezing and smashing the hops.   Head brewer Rusty Packer explains: By crushing the hop cones, we achieve increased surface contact area of hops to beer, which allows us to use all …Read More

What’s new with Sebago Small Batch

A couple of months into 2020, and our brewers are killing it – from the mega-release of MEGARED (on draft at all Sebago locations) to our beloved Barleywine in a (new) can. But wait, there’s more! Here are a few more new small batch beers to try…   Beer for Keeping Bière de garde – French for “beer for keeping” – is a classic style of French farmhouse ale. For …Read More

A brewer and a chef walk into a bar…

We are fired up to tell everyone about some new specials in our brewpubs and a special new beer in stores! This football season we’ve teamed up with Hannaford Supermarkets to showcase local craft beer and simple beer and food pairings. Hannaford Chef’s Table is a program where local star chefs create recipes that cooks at home can make — but we took it a step further.   Our brewers …Read More

Get Fresh

We’re excited to introduce a brand new beer! We created Freshie Seshie to be a sessional hazy beer, filled with the aromas and flavors of a New England IPA, but with an ABV of just 4.2%. Perfect for an afternoon of football. Look for striking notes of lemon, tangerine, and pineapple.   Four-packs of Freshie are available at Hannaford stores in Maine and New Hampshire and at all Sebago locations. (Also …Read More

Growlers 101

Some craft beer drinkers have been using growlers for years. For those of you haven’t, check out this conversation with Matt St. Hilaire, the GM at our Tasting Room. Matt talks about growlers and why they’re worth having. Maybe this is the year you get yours…   Let’s start with the basics. What is a growler? It’s a measured container for filling with beer to take away from a Tasting …Read More

Small Batch: Coming Soon!

We made a lot of delicious small batch beers this summer, at one point offering IPA, Double IPA, New England IPA, West Coast IPA, Brut IPA, Belgian Style IPA, Bavarian Style wheat beer, Norwegian Farmhouse ale, Barrel Aged Brett beer, Kettle Sour, Amber Ale, and Pilsner at the Tasting Room. (You can always check out our Pours page to see what’s on tap.)   But our brewers DO NOT REST. …Read More

Maine Beer Box collab

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The Maine Beer Box will be serving up beers on the mountain! On October 26, the Maine Brewers’ Guild is hosting the Maine Beer Box International Beer Fest at Sugarloaf Mountain where the world’s biggest kegerator will serve beer from dozens of Maine brewers and Canadian brewers.   The Maine Beer Box is a forty-foot refrigerated shipping container with 78 beer taps and a self-contained draft system. And on one of …Read More

Kicking off Fall with Oktoberfest

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On a sunny September day, we celebrated Oktoberfest, our version of the Bavarian beer festival, with 300 of our lager-loving friends.   Tricky Britches and Hello Newman kept it lively as we partied, polka’d, and stuffed our faces with bratwurst and pretzels. On tap were this year’s batch of the Marzen-style Oktoberfest lager, Bog So Hard, Bonfire and Simmer Down (now available year round).   As always, the main event was …Read More

Oktoberfest Lager IN A CAN

As we eagerly await our favorite party of the year, we’re also anticipating one of our favorite beers. Our Oktoberfest lager is an homage to the Märzen style served in Bavaria and throughout Germany for their Oktoberfest celebrations.   So what exactly is Märzen style? Back in the day – like, way back, in 1553 – there was a Bavarian ordinance that said beer could only be brewed between the …Read More

Oktoberfest 2019!

Join us on September 21st at the Brewery for the best party of the year! (Gates open at 1:30pm.)   Click here to buy tickets.   We’ll have… Live Music by local favorites Tricky Britches 2:00pm-4:00pm and Hello Newman 5:00pm-7:00pm Our Traditional Oktoberfest Lager and other Sebago Beers Traditional German Feast served 3:00pm-6:00pm Stein Holding Contest at 4:30pm (Men & Women) Best Dressed Contest Corn hole Jumbo soft pretzels available for purchase …Read More

Meet the Team: Sebago Brewery Tour Guides

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What do our Sebago Brewery tour guides all have in common? They were Sebago beer fans before they became Sebago beer experts.   Julie Taft has worked at Sebago Brewing since 2011, first as a server and then a hostess. Before that she was a regular at the brewpub in Gorham for six years. Mariann Caine volunteered to pour Sebago beer at many a brewfest before joining the Tasting Room …Read More

Fresh Fill Friday: Haze Fwd

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New beer. New can. Another Fresh Fill Friday! We introduced Haze Fwd on a summer evening in August, the perfect time to drop this tropical IPA.   Haze Fwd is our refined version of a New England IPA with generous late additions of both classic and new school hops, like Amarillo, Citra, Lemondrop, Simcoe, and Strata. Haze Fwd — hazy, juice, delicious — is available now in cans AND on …Read More

Summer Session 2019: On A Boat

This summer’s best and biggest beer festival is right by the ocean. So what better beer to serve than a light, crisp ale called On a Boat?   For this year’s Maine Brewers’ Guild Summer Session, we collaborated with our good friends at Crosby Hop Farm to create a Kolsch-style beer with a special hop. On a Boat features a new public hop variety called Triumph, which was selected from …Read More

Bog So Hard

Last year when we were celebrating our 20th anniversary in business, we released a special beer to mark the occasion. Bog So Hard was the 2,000th batch to be brewed on our original production system at our old location (down the road from our current HQ).   We got such a great response (and our brewers had so much fun making it) that we’re offering it again. We brewed with …Read More

TGIFFF: Yellow on Friday edition

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For as long as we can remember, Brad Monarch (Sebago Brewing’s co-founder, president and resident fashion plate) has worn a yellow shirt on Friday. Hence the name of this delicious classic pilsner: Yellow on Friday. We brewed the golden lager with delicate pilsner malts and balanced it with heavy-handed whirlpool additions of German hops. We layered it super cold for over a month, rendering a crisp, clean and dry beer …Read More