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20th anniversary

#SebagoBrewTurns20 – Part 4: Thank you

This is the last post in our series celebrating 20 years of Maine craft beer. It’s a big milestone for us – as a company and as small business owners – so thanks for joining us on our trip down memory lane, re-visiting our favorite beers, and looking forward to what’s next.   Our biggest thanks go to our families for their unending support, love, and humor. You’re the reason …Read More

#SebagoBrewTurns20 – Part 3: Innovation

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Since Sebago Brewing brewed its first batches of beer in their South Portland brewpub, the company has tried new things, through innovation and always adapting to a market that has changed dramatically and grown exponentially.   Now, after dozens of seasonal beers, small batches, and beers that have stood the test of time, Sebago co-founder and vice president Kai Adams says that “the single most important thing that happened to …Read More

#SebagoBrewTurns20 – Part 2: 20 years of beer

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When Sebago Brewing opened for business on June 18, 1998, there were 18 breweries in Maine. Kai Adams, Tim Haines and Brad Monarch dreamed of opening a brewpub and did it in the heart of the Maine Mall parking lot— when craft beer was still in its infancy.   They started with four beers. Frye’s Leap IPA was one of the earliest examples of an American style IPA in the …Read More

#SebagoBrewTurns20 – Part 1: Origins

  Sebago Brewing Company’s story starts on the shores of Sebago Lake – and at Chili’s. That’s where Sebago co-owners Brad Monarch, Kai Adams, and Tim Haines first met in 1996. Brad and Tim were managers at the mall-side Mexican restaurant. Kai was a server trying to learn how to run a restaurant so that he could open his own brewpub one day.   Brad is originally from Hudson, Mass. …Read More