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Due to reopening plans there have been some adjustments to brewery production. Call your local Sebago for availability of beers.

Available Year Round
Pressed For Time IPA by Sebago Brewing Company

Pressed For Time

Juicy IPA

Pressed for Time is our new and juiciest hazy IPA. It features Idaho7 and El Dor...
5.7% ABV | 31 IBU | 13.6°P OG | 2.5°P FG | 5.6SRM

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Sebago Brewing Haze FWD

Haze FWD


Haze Fwd is our refined version of the New England IPA. Generous late additions...
6.7% ABV | 40 IBU | 14.4°P OG | 2.1°P FG | 4.2SRM

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Sebago Brewing Simmer Down

Simmer Down

Session Ale

Simmer Down. Now. The beer to have to refresh and reward for both work and play,...
4.9% ABV | 49 IBU | 12°P OG | 2.7°P FG | 9.1SRM

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Sebago Brewing Frye's Leap

Frye’s Leap IPA

Maine's Legendary IPA

Frye’s Leap IPA is an intense experience. From the American caramel malt, whic...
6.0% ABV | 60 IBU | 14.5°P OG | 3.1°P FG | 10.6SRM

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Sebago Runabout Red

Runabout Red

American Amber Ale

Runabout Red Ale is a classic. It is brewed with three malt varieties which crea...
4.4% ABV | 32 IBU | 12°P OG | 3.6°P FG | 25.7SRM

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Saddleback Ale Sebago Brewing Co

Saddleback Ale

Light Ale

Saddleback Ale is an all-malt crisp American light ale with a great balance and...
4.0% ABV | 20 IBU | 10.0°P OG | 2.3°P FG | 5SRM

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Small Batch and Specialty Beers

2nd Dose

Double IPA

2nd Dose is a big, bold, double dry hopped New England Double IPA. We used doubl...
8.2% ABV | 42 IBU | 18.7°P OG | 4.7°P FG | 7SRM

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No Comply

West coast style IPA

No Comply is inspired by the classic West Coast IPAs that started a beer revolut...
7.2% ABV | 66.6 IBU | 16.1°P OG | 3.6°P FG | 7SRM

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Bavarian-style wheat ale

Sebago Hefeweizen is back! Our hefeweizen is a nod to the traditional style and...
4.5% ABV | 22 IBU | 10.7°P OG | 1.8°P FG | 6SRM

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Oktoberfest by Sebago Brewing Company


Märzen Lager

Sebago Oktoberfest is a nod to the traditional Marzen beers served every fall in...
5.8% ABV | 22 IBU | 13.5°P OG | 2.7°P FG | 12SRM

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Sebago Brewing Yellow On Friday

Yellow On Friday


Yellow on Friday is a classic Czech pilsner. This golden lager was brewed with d...
5.1% ABV | 40 IBU | 12.1°P OG | 2.3°P FG | 4.2SRM

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Sebago Brewing Back In The Day

Back In The Day

Double IPA

Originally brewed in collaboration with our illustrious packaging crew to help c...
7.7% ABV | 61.6 IBU | 16.8°P OG | 3.1°P FG | 5.2SRM

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Sebago Brewing NED



NED features piney and spicy hop aromas coupled with bold rye flavor to create a...
7.0% ABV | 75 IBU | 16°P OG | 2.7°P FG | 10SRM

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Hop Swap

Hop Swap

Subject to Change

Each year we change the hops in Hop Swap to showcase new and unique flavor and a...
6.8% ABV | 68 IBU | 15.3°P OG | 2.3°P FG | 7SRM

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Whistle Punk

Whistle Punk

Double IPA

Big juicy American hops burst from this Double IPA. Whistle Punk has an abundan...
8.2% ABV | 92 IBU | 18.5°P OG | 3.2°P FG | 10SRM

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Lake Trout Stout

Lake Trout Stout

Creamy & Classic

Lake Trout Stout is midnight black with a thick and creamy head. It is a full bo...
4.8% ABV | 53 IBU | 13.5°P OG | 4.5°P FG | 136SRM

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Bog So Hard

Barrel Aged Cranberry Sour Saison

Bog So Hard was first brewed to commemorate our 20th anniversary. This sour beer...
7.5% ABV | 18 IBU | 12.0°P OG | 2.7°P FG | rosèSRM

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Barleywine Sebago Brewing Company


Barrel Aged Barley Wine

This barleywine ale demands your full attention. It will entice you with its ri...
9.75% ABV | 53 IBU | 21.8°P OG | 6.7°P FG | 46SRM

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Sebago Brewing Slick Nick

Slick Nick

Wicked Winter Ale

Slick Nick Wicked Winter Ale is a classic Sebago seasonal - rocking us through t...
7.2% ABV | 39 IBU | 17°P OG | 3.5°P FG | 21.7SRM

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