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Sebago beer + CBD coffee = one smooth dark session ale

Don’t be fooled by the dark, practically opaque, color. This is a light, refreshing session ale that’s perfect for a hot summer day!


Blazing Summer is Sebago Brewing Company’s first beer made with coffee and carbonated with nitrogen. It’s made with a mix of Briess barley, Williamette hops, California Ale yeast— and sixty pounds of cold brewed coffee in a ten-barrel batch. (That’s almost a quarter pound per gallon!)


To create Blazing Summer, Sebago partnered with our long-time friends at Coffee By Design, likely the first of more collaborations to come. Brewers Kevin Depot and Molly Wolkin met with CBD Roastery Manager Dylan Hardman and Production Roaster Travis Spear to try a variety of coffees to find one that had just the right flavor profile.


“They came in with a very clear idea of what they were trying to accomplish, so it was an easy process for us,” said Dylan.


The brewers eventually chose CBD’s Organic Urban Earth blend, a Vienna Roast that offers a “round, chocolate-y stone fruit experience.”


Even to the trained eye, Blazing Summer may look like a stout, but a stout contains roasted barley. This black session ale, with notes of toasted marshmallow, hazelnut, and espresso, has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.7%. (Session ales are beers that have an of 5% or less.)


Kevin is proud of his first pilot batch experiment: “This really was a pet project of mine. The goal was an easy drinking, extremely session-able, coffee-forward beer, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”


Blazing Summer is available for a limited time (hence the name) and is only on nitro tap at the brewery.


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