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Coming soon: Sebago Brewing’s new brewery!

A couple of weeks ago we gave you a sneak preview of the new tasting room. Now we want to show you where all the metal is: the brewery!


As you might be able to tell from the video, the new facility is twice as big with twice as many vessels – that means we have the capacity to brew 5,000 gallons of beer in a day.


Even more exciting is the pilot system. A 7-barrel mash tun and 5-barrel kettle will allow us to brew a wide variety of different styles of beer. Here’s what Brewmaster Tom Abercrombie had to say about it:

The pilot system will give us the flexibility to do small batches for both R&D and for fun! We look forward to collaborating with all sorts of people from different areas of our own company, as well as with friends in the industry. It will also allow us to make small batches for barrel aging, and ultimately blending, for unique beers we’ve never made before.

Tom and the rest of the crew are looking forward to bringing the brewers and the public back together through brewery tours and the tasting room. The public can see the beer being made, meet the people making it, buy it fresh to go, and drink it — all at the same location.


Thanks to Matt Beach of The Cre8iv Company for creating our “moving in” video.


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